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(Anacardium occidentale)

Anacardium occidentale which is called jambu monyet (Eugenia monkey) in language Indonesia, because a fruit resemble head of monkey too appear enough efficacious to cure med. But is advantage not fruit, However stalk of fruit is ripe.

The stalk of fruit which is called appearance of fruit, swell resembles peer fruit or Eugenia aquea contain kernel for the greater part. This part often use as one of material of fruit salad / eat self after have lunch or mixer with the salt.

BE CAREFUL! Don’t choose unripe. Appearance of fruit unripe still many contains sticky will make skin inflame.

On the contrary, Appearance of fruit ripe to contains vitamin C for the greater part.The Contains can to reach for 180mg/100g. Vitamin C liquid character astringen (to whistle) wound med. so, sometimes is use for quick to heal med. the manner advantage is like it fruit general or can too like it do persons of TERNATE,INDONESIA formerly is gargle with squeeze water . But, as good as possible don’t be drink .because the feel sour food and vitamin C liquid can effect gripes if the stomach not proof.

description text (orchid)






Orchid is plants family orchidaceous that take care of probably is difficult. If the laying down and take care is not right orchid easy withered and will not to flower.


Quickly position orchid in location that light, temperature, air and damp agree with characteristic orchid. Necessaries light it not much. So, the plant s must in position in place shelter.


The positions don’t directly in down the sun ray too long. Orchid can in affected by sunray before at 11.00 in the afternoon.


The damp of orchid must take care about 60-80%.this issue for prevent evaporation of water that much high. The easy manner for damp not much high is condition media plants don’t to much wet. Select the media plant to have drainage and to tie fast water that good, Such as: fern, the break pan tile and charcoal.


Orchid cattlenya so must to get manure composite or was known with manure NPK for attack return growth flower. The use manure NPK with comparation 10:30:30. The frequent gift manure is too can once a week.



Hello friends…….!!!!

Let me introduce my self my name is umam, I will tell you about my experience went to wbl lamongan and goa akbar for me studied in elementary school.


Two year ago I and my friends went to wbl lamongan and goa akbar. It is my experience very valuable because I get science and add to experience. Before went to wbl lamongan and goa akbar, at night I cannot sleep. At morning I prepared some things is my needed such as: foods, clothes, drink etc.


The bus arrived in my school at 05.50 a.m. I and my friends waited until one hour. Before entry bus we chose the chair then I sat with my friends his name is puguh and nanang, they is good. In the bus we sang a song together. At 11.00 a.m. bus stopped in the restaurant TAMAN SARI for had lunch together and at 11.55 a.m. I and my friends until in WBL lamongan and goa akbar. In there I and my friends bought the ticket and we must wait for the ticket. Then us entry, we played the game. In there is very many game. After played some game at 15.00 p.m. we went to goa akbar in there we could saw few in the goa. There was a mosque place to prayer. After that I bought some food and souvenirs for my family in the home. After that we back to bus for go home .In the bus many seller some things. Then we continued our trip go to home. At 19.30 p.m. we had dinner together.


After that we continued go home. At 21.15p.m. I and my friends arrived in the home and tell to my family for me in there. I am happy and much enjoyed.


Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb

Hello friends…………

Let me introduce myself. My name is Umam Dwi Rohani. I am 14 years old. I will tell you about my last holiday activity. I spent my holiday in home or went to Pati or went to Solo, but for me in house, my job such as, cleaned the home, washed clothes, helped to my parents, went to the rice field, watched TV, and etc.

I woke up at 06.00 a.m. then washed of my face. After that I bought the solar for charging vehicle. I had breakfast at 07.12 a.m. then I took a bath, after that I watched TV for watch / listened sport information, that is my hobby. After watched TV I cleaned my house. I and my sister divided work. Then I washed the clothes. I usually washed my clothes in home and clothes in school. At 11.30 a.m. I had lunch together with my mother and my sister, because my father went job. At 12.10 p.m. I prayed dhuhur and at 12.30 p.m. I watched TV and sometime I slept in the afternoon until 16.00 p.m. I woke up from my slept and washed of my face. Then I played with my friends. I felt very happy. At 17.05 I took a bath, and then got dress. After that I prayed maghrib and at 18.30 p.m. I had dinner together. After had dinner I and my sister studied the lessons together. I prepared the book, after that I watched TV then went to bed for sleep. The day entry school is come. I and my friends is very miss we asked how are you and we tells about the holiday activity.

So much about my holiday activity. My holiday activity is very happy.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb

indonesia archipelago

Indonesia is often referred to as the world's largest archipelago, a name which aptly represents its 17,000 or so islands which span more than 5000 km (around 3,200 miles) eastward from Sabang in northern Sumatra to Merauke in Irian Jaya. If you superimpose a map of Indonesia over one of Europe, you will find that it stretches from Ireland to Iran; compared to the United States, it covers the area from California to Bermuda.

There are eight major islands or island groups in this enormous chain. The largest landmasses consist of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes) and Irian Jaya (the western half of Papua New Guinea). The smaller islands fall into two main groups: the Molluccas to the northeast, and the lesser Sunda chain east of Bali. Bali is a unique island, which for a number of reasons can be put into a class of its own.

Mountain lovers will find plenty to enjoy in Indonesia. A great volcano chain, the Bukit Barisan, runs the entire length of Sumatra. On the West Coast, the mountains fall abruptly to the sea, while to the east they ease gradually down to plains in a broad fringe of coastal mangroves. Vegetation-clad volcanoes also rise dramatically from the sea at Banda, Ternate and Makian. Many of the volcanoes are still active, constantly smouldering and occasionally erupting violently, though geological stations monitor the active ones constantly and give warning if they are unsafe to climb. Mount Merapi in Central Java is a favourite for climbers, despite being one of the most active on the archipelago.

Mountain lakes are also abundant in dormant craters of many volcanoes, the most famous of these being lake Toba in the northern highlands of Sumatra. This mountain lake covers an area four times the size of Singapore. In Kalimantan, waterborne transportation moves cargo and passengers up and down the major rivers: Mahakam, Barito, Kahayan and Kapuas. The mountainous island of Flores is famous for its multi-coloured volcanic lakes, known as Keli Mutu. The three lakes are in a close group and range from dark red to turquoise.

Located between two distinct bio-geographic groups - Asia and Australia - the flora and fauna of the archipelago is also quite idiosyncratic. Species found nowhere else on earth have flourished in certain areas, including the famous Komodo dragon on the island of the same name. Also in abundance are rare flowers, including exotic orchids, unusual insects, birds of paradise and numerous indigenous spices such as cloves, nutmeg cinnamon, mace and many more.


Hello friends,,,!!!
Let me introduce my self,my name is Umam Dwi Rohani.My nickname is Umam. I tells you my experience going to Bali.
Last week ,I and my friends went to Bali island.In there is very beautiful.Before going to Bali, I prepared some things like it clothes,foods,shoes/slipper,bag,bath equipment ,medicine and permission to my night I cannot sleep because I felt very happy.
The first day at 08.00 a.m I and my friends had gathered in Junior High School 1 Kayen.I sat with my friends,his name is RIZAL.Our trip at 09.00 a.m.trip to Surabaya,east Java by bus and my tour leader is his name is Arie.At 11.30 a.m bus stop in mosque for Friday prayed with my friends.After that I continued our journey and we had lunch in Wahyu Utama restaurant ,then to continued our journey to Bali and had dinner in restaurant Surabaya.
The second day at 00.00 a.m we were until in ketapang 03.00 a.m we were until to Gilimanuk Harbour and crossed to Bali.I and my friends subuh prayed to mosque Bali at 05.30 a.m . after that continued our journey to restaurant Soka Indah to had breakfast together and Took bath in Agung Bali.After that went to Benoa cheap for played water spot ,had lunch in benoa cheap restaurant and we could saw penyu rehabilited .after that went to "PURE TANAH LOT" in there we could saw scenery of sea.Pure Tanah Lot is very beautiful.In the Pure to have plain water source .after in the pure tanah lot we going in direction "PUJA MANDALA".In there to have place prayer 5 religion,there are :Hindu,Buddha,Nasrani,Katholik and Islam.After in Puja Mandala we went to GWK (GARUDA WISNU KENCANA).In there we could saw figure of Garuda,wisnu kencana and Barong dance. after that we went to hotel "MADE BALI " for check in ,had dinner and took rest.
The third day at 07.00 a.m we had breakfast in the hotel together.At 07.30 a.m we continued trip to "Batu Bulan"and at 08.00 a.m until in Batik center Bali "cahayu".after that we were back in the bus for went to "putra barong",we could saw art of barong dancing.At 11.30 a.m we were until to center of souvenir and had lunch together.After that we were continued our trip to "KRISNA"center of souvenir at 02.00 p.m.In there is very good and after that we went to KUTA beach.KUTA beach is very beautiful.At 05.30 p.m we were back in the bus to continued in the hotel.At 08.00 p.m we were until in the hotel for took rest ,took bath ,and had dinner together .After had dinner we were enjoy together ,and gathered for sang together.
The fourth day at 06.00-07.00 a.m we were took bath and check out and we were had breakfast .After that we were continued to JOGER then we went to BEDUGUL lake .In there the view is very beautiful and air in there is very cool.In the BEDUGUL lake.We had lunch together and saw the view of BEDUGUL lake.At 01.00 p.m we were back in the bus for continued our trip to Gilimanuk Harbour for back in our home and at 05.00 p.m we were until to JAVA ISLAND.At 08.00 p.m we had dinner together .after that we were continued to JUANA town and at 07.00 a.m we were until in PAT I town and at 08.00 a.m we were until in the our school in Junior High School 1 Kayen.We were back in the home. In the home me story to my family about my activities in the Bali. If you wont refreshing ,you could visit in the Bali island. Bali island is very beautiful,..........!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BALI......!!
Thank for your attention ,if the false I am sorry.Thank you very much..

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Assalam mualaikum wr.wb.

Last month, I and My friends went camping to Jati Pohon. Over there we got gain science we will story to camping about my experience.

We some prepantion, there are keep healthy, to request blessing presents and prepased to stock foods. We leaved with a truck.

On the way, we sang a song with My friends while wait to, distination. We to began with sang. Wae and my friends is very happy.

After to arrive in the distination, we to begin with open ceremony and to pray. We live divide grups for st tent. We divide woek. After set tent, we cooked food. Afterthat we took walk. As a scouth. We had to look for gident for arrive on the distination.

We prepared and packed the things at 3 P.M. after that we went home. I and My friends got a new much my story about my experience,if a false I am sorry.

Wassalam mualaikum wr. Wb.